How Does Twitter Help My Website?

Clients always ask me two things when it comes to Twitter: Can I have Twitter on my website? and How does Twitter actually help my website? Twitter (along with Facebook) are the two must have social media these days for your website.  You can add YouTube or Linkedin or Instagram as well as a number of […]

Will Linkedin Finally Challenge University ePortfolios For Students?

I’ve decided to focus on a little Back-To-School social media with this post of the SOS blog.   So this is for all you parents and students out there. As of September 12, Linkedin has just updated their TOS (Terms of Service) with what appears to be  an interesting challenge to the lifetime aspect of […]

Facebook Click-jacking: Look Before You Click!

We’ve discussed a number of ways that you can be hacked on Facebook in a previous post. There’s a another way called click-jacking that’s making the rounds on Facebook and we’re going to focus on that today. How and where is it happening? Usually, this sort of click-jacking scenario happens via a wall post on […]

Google + for Business + Your Business

Recently I had a client ask how Google+ works.  Its true.  More people are looking at the advantages of Google+ in addition to Facebook.  And the great thing about setting up  a Google+ business page  is that it is very similar to the way you set up a Facebook page but the audience you get […]