What The White House Teaches Us About Email Spoofing

High profile cases of hacking do us a service CNN reported a case of email spoofing today that actually helps bring to website owners and users something that needs attention: email spoofing or in this particular case, spear-phishing. What is spoofing and spear-phishing? Email spoofing ( you can also spoof IPs and DNS) is basically […]

How Does Twitter Help My Website?

Clients always ask me two things when it comes to Twitter: Can I have Twitter on my website? and How does Twitter actually help my website? Twitter (along with Facebook) are the two must have social media these days for your website.  You can add YouTube or Linkedin or Instagram as well as a number of […]

SOSSeo: The Google Penalty Box – The Difference between Landing pages and Doorway pages

In mid-March, Google made another change to their SEO ranking algorithms.  This time to distinguish between Landing pages and Doorway pages.  And to penalize a site if it was using Doorway pages.  If you might be confused on which is which, you’re not alone. According to wikipedia: Landing pages are regularly misconstrued to equate to […]

Why Is My Website Getting Hacked?!

Last month when multiple security weaknesses were discovered on Open SSL – the software used by thousands of companies to encrypt online communications – the world got reminded of how interdependent we are on everyone maintaining his or her website security – especially those who maintain the web components we all share.  The fact is, we have come to expect […]