How Does Twitter Help My Website?

Clients always ask me two things when it comes to Twitter: Can I have Twitter on my website? and How does Twitter actually help my website? Twitter (along with Facebook) are the two must have social media these days for your website.  You can add YouTube or Linkedin or Instagram as well as a number of […]

The SOS Newsletter: Help for your web stuff – August 2014

dit-dit-dit/dah-dah-dah… August has come and gone and its back to school for many.  Malware seems to be in the rise.  What can you do if you find malware on your Facebook account?  How can you decrypt your files being held for ransom by malware?  In this newsletter you can learn how to handle both successfully.  What’s the […]

The SOS Newsletter: Help for your web stuff – JULY 2014

dit-dit-dit/dah-dah-dah/dit-dit-dit… July has just whizzed right on by.  Seems like its been packed with a lot of things to do like work, maintaining security on your sites, summer vacations and Client events.  So let’s try to catch the last of July before it runs out on us. Passwords.  They have to be strong and long to be […]