SECURITY ALERT: RansomWare Disguised As False DHS Warning

This is a special notice from CERT that we have just been made aware of: Ransomware is back but under the guise of a false warning from the Department of Homeland Security.   For a review of what Ransomware is and how it works, you might want to read our past post on this malware. So […]

Safety At the Wi

No, this isn’t about pool safety at the YMCA, this is about making sure you have a secure connection on an insecure connection, namely every time you connect to the Internet at a public wi-fi spot. Wifi is a public network and any data transfer passing through can be intercepted, monitored or recorded by any […]

MS Updates, DDoS, and the Need for Threat-Centric Security

If you have read anything in the media about security on the Internet you know that attacks on the web and on web sites are increasing.   In this month’s discussion, we’ll talk about the new Microsoft Updates rolling out today,  the current news on DDoS attack increases across the web, and finally the need […]

Tragedies and Malicious Actors: Investigate Before You Send Your Credit Card

Several tragedies of recent have provided opportunities for people to reach out and give to help those affected.  Giving online has become easier because of technology and  its also becoming the means of choice.  Unfortunately, this also affords those who have a bad purpose to take advantage of tragic circumstances with scams.  According to a […]