Why Is My Website Getting Hacked?!

Last month when multiple security weaknesses were discovered on Open SSL – the software used by thousands of companies to encrypt online communications – the world got reminded of how interdependent we are on everyone maintaining his or her website security – especially those who maintain the web components we all share.  The fact is, we have come to expect […]

Freak Attack: What You Need To Know

Remember the Heartbleed vulnerability in SSL/TLS (Security protocols for the Internet)?  There is a newly discovered vulnerability called the Freak Attack that was making the rounds in the cryptography talk circles on the night of March 3, 2015. RSA Export sites are highly vulnerable to this bug and that’s quite a number of sites (into the […]

May: Scams and Viruses on Facebook and Other Security Issues

LOL Trojan Is “laughing” at the Facebook Messaging Service Malwarebytes  is warning FB users to beware of a new scam and trojan called the “LOL” malware.  It’s a message that appears to be from one of your FB friends with a photo file attached named “IMG_xxxx.zip”.  Clicking on it allows a Facebook user’s data and login […]

RansomWare Strikes Again: CryptoLocker

That nasty thing above is the screen for a new, on the rise RansomWare called CryptoLocker.  We’ve discussed RansomWare before in a previous couple of posts here and here.   As a review of what this malware does – it locks your computer and then holds it for – yep, you guessed it – a […]