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What Can A Blog Do For Your Web Site?

I sometimes hear from clients that they don’t want to mess with a blog.   Some think it’s more effort than its worth.  So I’d like to discuss today why it is worth your effort to take some time and write a weekly blog… or hire someone, like me (hint), to manage your content for you.

Traffic: A Reason To Come Back For More

You’re familiar with HubSpot, right?  Well, if not, let me introduce you to the marketing software people on the web.  Well, they’re not the only marketing people on the web but they’ve been around long enough in this fast paced online world to gather some impressive stats on blogging.  According to their research, companies that have blogs generate 55 percent more traffic and 70 percent more leads.  And if companies can do it, then your org or personal site is bound to benefit, too.

Penguin, Rankings and Original Content

Announced in April of 2012, Penguin (although not officially named until 2 days later), became the successor to the Panda algorithm powering Google’s search engine.  Panda’s job was to sanction sites with poor user experience.  Penguin’s job is to enforce original content on sites.  Simply put, not having original content will affect your site SEO rankings. How does this work?  If you have little content above the fold or are exclusively using content that originates from other sites , you might get nicked.  If you are using SEO tactics that involve webspamming or what Google calls “spamdexing” (inclusive of link bombing ) to up your rankings, you’ll get nicked.  Translation:  Google downranks web sites that do both of these things.  Google’s intent is to improve the quality of the web you and I search and depend on everyday.  And that’s a good thing to support.

An easy way to make sure you are contributing original content for the web (and to get noticed for it) is to have your own blog.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Set up an appointment with me today to discuss how you can include a blog and increase your web site traffic!


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