I design and develop for a non-profit everyday and volunteer some time to this.   I encourage everyone to volunteer some of your time.   There is so much to be done.  See a yard that needs mowing?  Volunteer to mow it for someone who’s struggling physically.   The house of someone who is overwhelmed needs some repair.  Ask to help.  There are backyard missions in your neighborhood and they need you.  Find someone and volunteer.


My first teaching job was in high school.  I taught a mini-course on Star Trek to over 50 students.  And I got asked back the next semester.  I was also studying music and already working as a private instructor for Nick Craig Studios.  Though the subject matter has changed over the years to include the Bible,  market research and eventually ASP.NET programming at the university level, I have always enjoyed teaching others and waiting to see that smile or hear that sigh of relief when it all begins to click .  With patience and innovation, now I train others to use technology to enhance what they do best.


Technology is a tool that everyone needs to learn how to use.  It isn’t just about the back end or the front end, its about seeing the eco-system.   Third party integration.  Social media.  Digital story telling. The web site.  How it all comes together to let people know who you are and what you have to offer is what makes technology useful to you.  That’s my approach to developing web sites for you.

Crossing the Bridge

I come from a humanities background and later took on computing and information technology.   So I see myself as a bridge between those two ways of looking at things.  I like to focus on making technology  and its ever-changing terminology and scope just a little less mysterious to my client so they can partner with me in the process of creating their web site.   I invest a good amount of my time in research and development to offer my clients the best solution for their needs.

Curriculum Vitae