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Recently I had a client ask how Google+ works.  Its true.  More people are looking at the advantages of Google+ in addition to Facebook.  And the great thing about setting up  a Google+ business page  is that it is very similar to the way you set up a Facebook page but the audience you get is as loyal to Google+ as Facebook fans are to Facebook.  So as a business owner, you’ll want to take advantage of that.

Getting started is a bit different with Google+  because everything revolves around Gmail, of course.   So step one…

1) Set up a business gmail account

Yes, you may already have a personal gmail account, but I would encourage you to start new with an email focused on your business brand.  This makes it easier to keep things tidy from your personal Google+ profile.  So go to Google Accounts and create your business brand account.  Don’t forget to import your contacts into this new account.  Since Google+ uses “Circles”  rather than friends like on Facebook, when you start to promote your page, you’ll want to have some people  all ready to share with in your Circles.

2) Create your business page

Once your business gmail is created, its time to head to the Google+ Create Google+ Page and follow the page creation wizard.   First, Pick a Category.


Second,  you’ll want to add your information.


3) Brand your business page

The third step in the wizard allows you to customize your profile with your brand picture and tag line.

4) Promote your business page

Now its time to tell your circles.  This is where Google+ allows you to post to the people in your circles about your new page.  The more Google contacts you have the easier this will be to get started on.  The more  you post and the more people see your posts, they’ll have the opportunity to add you to their circles.

That’s all there is to it!  Well, at least to setting up your page.  We’ll talk more about posting to support your business goals and increase your traffic in a future post.

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