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I am a senior lecturer in literature for IUPUI in Indianapolis.  Melanie Reed has been the web designer for one of the four online courses I teach and is currently putting the finishing touches on another web site for me.  Her work for Literary Masterpieces on-Line was so innovative, beautifully designed, and easy-to-follow, that it has contributed greatly to the success and popularity of that course.

She is currently putting the finishing touches on a new web site for my Introduction to Fiction course.  I asked her for a course delivery system that combined  a maximum of technological wealth with a minimum of technological “fuss” and labor.  It is a testimony to her abilities that I felt confident that I could leave it in her hands, with very little guidance beyond this request for something comprehensive yet simple.  The resulting site amply justified my confidence as it is the very model of usability providing easy-to-use processes for enhancing lecture delivery, communication with students, and grading, to name just a few of its features.  The number of options provided, along with the simplicity of using them (and the ease for students accessing materials in the site) is breathtaking.

Not all web designers are good with the public.  Melanie is not one of those.   She’s outgoing, friendly, and easy to talk to. She is also unbelievably hard working; she is extraordinarily dedicated to helping a customer fulfill his/her wants and needs and willing to go the extra mile in any project she undertakes.  I can recommend her unreservedly.

Anyone who wants to contact me about Melanie’s work feel free to call me at (317) 274-9671, or email me at [email protected] 


Brian McDonald,

Senior Lecturer in Literature,

IUPUI Department of English

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